Welcome to the Monument All-Star Program!

What is the Monument All-Star Program?

Today, Monument can be found in over 90 different countries with a fast-growing global community. We have a diverse highly-engaged user group and we wanted to create this program so that our most passionate users can shine through and lead. By joining this program, All-Stars will have an exclusive opportunity to build a strong relationship at a very early stage with the Monument Team and Community. At Monument, we believe in fostering relationships which is why we are very interested in hearing your ideas and would love for you to be a key part of the Monument Journey.


How can I become a Monument All-Star?

Fill out the application below with detailed accurate information.


What will be expected of me if I become a Monument All-Star?

  • Communicate – Complete activities, which may include having an interview with the Customer Success team, discussions with key Monument members, creating public posts in the community forum, sharing photos on social media, or filling out feedback forms.
  • Represent – Support the Monument brand through our future events and campaigns.
  • Connect – Spread the word about Monument using various social channels such as Ask the Community, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blogs.


Will I have any personal expenses?



What benefits do Monument All-Stars receive?

    • Early Access – Be the first to beta-test our new features and be the first to receive any updates.
    • Sneak Peak – Monthly company newsletter giving you a behind-the-scenes look.
    • Megaphone – Monthly discussion with the CEO and Director of Customer Success.
    • Monument Pride – All-Star badge and title in the Community Forum. Profile on the home page.
    • Exposure – Instagram preference for featured photos using the hashtag #getmonument | @getmonument
    • Promos – Custom discount code for friends
    • Freebies – Random goodies 😀