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How does  Monument devices differ from cloud services (Dropbox / Google Photos / iCloud etc.)?

When using cloud services, you get locked into a single company, almost impossible to move to another when you want. With your Monument devices, you own and have full control of your content. It’s your terms, your rules.

You have to pay monthly fees forever when using cloud services. Your Monument device is  free of monthly charges.

Your Monument device creates backups to other Monument devices you own. One can stay in your home and the other at your office. You can also choose to backup to another cloud service and then you can switch between them whenever you want.

With your Monument device, you never have to worry about your privacy and security. Only you have access.

Importing photos is a time consuming process for camera users. With the Monument device, just plug in the SD card; your Monument device handles everything for you.

You can connect your Monument device to your TV. When you do so, you can enjoy high quality content on your big screen without any delay.

What is the difference between a Monument device and a NAS (Network Attached Storage)?
NAS devices provide just storage and you still have to manage your files manually. Your Monument device’s software is developed specifically to automate your photo and video management related tasks.

Can I reach my content when I am away?
Absolutely, you can reach your Monument device wherever you are as long as you have unrestricted internet access.

How does sharing work?
You can create rules on your Monument device. For example, when there’s a photo of you and your child, it’s shared automatically with selected people -i.e. with grandma or with select friends. If they have a Monument device, they’re stored in their devices. If they do not have a Monument device, they receive links to download the content you shared. It’s also practical when you’re back from a vacation with friends. You define faces you’ll be with, then Monument device shares the photos and videos they’re in.

You can always share photos and videos with anyone with or without a Monument device.

Does Monument device have built-in storage?
No. Monument devices does not have any built-in storage. Instead it gives users the flexibility to use any external portable USB drive as their storage, and grow it as their needs grow.

Can I use my existing hard drive?
Of course! That’s the idea behind using external portable USB drives: to give users a flexible and cost effective way of photo management.

Can I access my other files if I use one of my existing disks?
No. You need to reconnect your USB external drive back to your PC or Mac.

Can I create albums to organize my photos and videos?
Absolutely. Apart from the albums you can always browse by time, location, faces and the camera used to shoot.

How does the Monument device organize my content?
Inside your Monument device, there’s powerful hardware and AI powered software that analyzes your content. So you can search them using simple terms; i.e. type in “summer”, “snow”, “Christmas” or “Uncle Steve” to find them.

How can I increase my storage size?
When you plug in another drive, you will be asked to make a choice of either using this disk as an added storage (i.e. increasing your total storage by the capacity of this new drive) or use it as a back-up storage.

Any recommendations for drives I can use with Monument?
Yes we do, and we list some of the inexpensive ones below that are available from Amazon. We tested these with Monument using 1, 2, 3, and 4TB sizes:

* In order to fit 2 drives into the bay, 1TB disks need to be preferred. 

Can I use externally powered USB Hubs for my drives with Monument?
Yes you can, we recommend:

Some of the features will be rolled out at a future date.