One home for all your photos and videos

Monument helps you back up and organize all your photos

Your favorite memories at your fingertips

Relive experiences and share them with your loved ones.
Monument organizes your photos automatically so you can find and browse your photos by camera type, people, places, and scenery.


Discover and relive moments again! You can browse and search photos by people, places, camera type, and scenery. Monument helps you find and relive your precious memories.

Shared albums

Create and share together.
You can create and share photos and albums with your family in a secure, private way. Create an album for your trip and invite others to add their own photos and videos.

Access from anywhere

Your memories are always with you; no matter where you go.
Upload and download photos from anywhere in the world without worrying.

Space Saver

Create more space on your phone! Automatically remove photos and videos from your phone that have already been backed up to your Monument. Everything is still available through the app.

Get a birds eye view

Browse your photos on the map, or simply choose from the list to see the photos and videos taken at a specific location.

New Desktop app is available

Backup, organize, and view all of your photos and videos in our Mac and Windows desktop apps.

Bonjour! Guten Tag!

Monument is also available in French and German with more languages on the way!

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